Global cheese market located in Toronto’s Kensington Market offers an excellent selection of cheeses at very reasonable prices. Tap the knowledgeable cheese mongers for recommendations and samples while you shop for everyday staples or the centrepiece for your next wine and cheese party.

” My go-to stop in Kensington Market. Global Cheese, So much cheese-y goodness. I’ve been here a few times. The place was packed but all the staff were so calm and helpful. They have a good system that makes sure everyone gets served in order. Your cheese is taken to the cash for you and you are given a number for when you pay. Even when it’s really busy, they always a sliced or square piece of cheese for you to try while you are waiting for whatever you purchased.

Global Cheese has a fantastic selection of cheeses from all over the world and it’s well organized. There’s also a deli at the back, halva, and a selection of accompaniments such as crackers, jellies, dips, etc. Basically anything you would need to make a kick-ass cheese board for entertaining at Global Cheese .”

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