19 responses to “Walking in Chinatown, Toronto Canada”

  1. Have you read the info from this video?
    If not, take a look again:
    “The walking it’s starting from Kensington Market through Spadina St, China Town, ending on Queen St West from Toronto Canada.”

  2. @weldon29 lets just be happy we accept diifferent cultures thats Candas motto and always has its great multiculturalism is amazing

  3. 2 years? I’ve lived here most of my life, enjoy the beauty instead of looking at all the druggies shooting up.

  4. Can anybody tell me where the Japanese stuff is because I’m going there for my birthday and I need to know where the good places are for Japanese items.

  5. I didn’t have at that time a better theme music to reveal the bazaar atmosphere.
    It wasn’t my intention to show here the chinese culture.

  6. Unfortunately the theme its not a traditional chinese song.
    I found that the name is “Al Yazmalim” and it looks to be from Turkey.

  7. Nice try 🙂
    It’s an old synagogue, erected I belive in 1930

  8. Somebody should remake this without using a toaster

  9. Kum Jug Yeun!
    Best Crispy Beef ever! amazing service to. Love that place

  10. @Dante2206 It’s called being diverse and multiculturalism.

  11. this place in toronto looks like that you’re in china.,

  12. yo i hear they sell firecrackers in cina town toronto, if they do wat store?

  13. @joeyjettt multicultural flag sounds like multicolor flag… isn’t that the gay flag?

  14. Marry a university graduate guy will bring you happiness and have intelligent smart babys.

  15. @sprimusp, We are all canadian, unless you are native american/canadian, then you are real canadian/american. European settlers need to understand, we do not own america. This nation, continnet is only owned by natives, we are all guest. So lets act accordingly. Everyone is welcome as long as you can contribute and make where we live a better place for all.

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