33 responses to “Toronto Police Kensington Market”

  1. Police are holding people at gunpoint, and that moron thinks it’s ok to walk in the middle to buy his fruits and veggies?!?

    1. He’ll need to eat a lot of spinach and carrots if he gets shot.

    2. Exactly. Guy is just caring about his health. Sheesh. XD

    3. They’re good for you. Maybe you need some of that as well.

    1. Pig just got re-arrested for violating bail conditions LOL.

    2. sean folley threatening people with a knife. Whats your point.

  2. All looked good to me. Police handled situation well. Kudos to them. Guys on the ground obviously there for a reason.

  3. what kind of pathetic low lives stand around taking video? GET A LIFE

    1. I’m GLAD the pigs are getting filmed…. that way, Forcillo can’t murder these 2 on the ground and claim he feared for his life.

  4. People in Toronto have a hard time minding their own business. Why they hovering around watching Police business?

    1. So the cops can’t put bullets into the heads of the men on the ground.

  5. James forcillo killed sammy yatim he even has his gun out on 2 people that are harmless this cop is a disgrace to the 14 division police force

    1. Yes Sammy Yatim, High on MDMA , Master-bating, Exposing himself, and threatening citizens and Police with knife was such a loss to society

    2. yeah i’m sure Sammy was a model citizen….not like we lost a cancer cure there bud. One less entitled thug roaming around high and armed, endangering innocent lives.

  6. I officer pulls his gun out to arrest two men and people decide to crowd around him. Idiots…

  7. Not sure what’s going on but I live near the UK and it seems the Canadian police are getting has had as the police in the USA

  8. Umm…is the guy actually picking fruit while the cops got his gun drawn…ha

  9. Does anyone know what had happen in this video?……… Another day in Toronto nothering special.

  10. I heard about this from a fellow who was there, this happened not long after the shooting @ Eaton Centre which is why this officer was jumpy with his sidearm. Don’t know what happened outside of that though.

  11. Yea im the guy on the right with the gun on him guy on the left was just a pedestrian some dude tried to rob my weed and well wasnt gonna happen lol anyway long story short i chased him with a knife

  12. In other video comments says that these 2 were fighting with Knife” i know dont man. That what i saw in other video.

  13. I left Toronto to work in the U.S. in 1999. I came back in 2015 and none of the cops wear their hats anymore. Now they look just like the American cops. Too bad since, too me, it’s an indication of professionalism and discipline. It seems that’s gone now. Sad.

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