The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop is an Excellent place!

I’d always had in mind a VERY specific design for what I had wanted for a tattoo (as I’m sure most do). Nothing cheesy, nothing colourful, very thin lines and loads of detail.
I finally woke up one morning and thought that day to be the day, and it was no wonder I chose okey doke being that they had some super amazing art displayed and a convenient walk-in basis.
I walked in, explained to the friendly gentlemen exactly what I wanted. He came back no longer than 5 minutes later with the EXACT image I had in my head!!!
Took maybe 45 minutes and costed maybe $80. I wish I remembered the name of my artist to credit his beautiful work and keen skill, but it was over 4 years ago now. And he was very helpful to cater to my comfort level. And when all was said and done he did an amazing job with the cleaning and maintenance/ explanation of after care- I can attest because my tattoo healed PERFECTLY in two days? No peeling, no bleeding, no itching.
Needless to say my experience there was wonderful and I’d recommend to everyone and anyone to go there!!! Amazing from start to finish- and even now. Still in love with the artwork!!