SiChuan House Cuisine is one of the finest restaurants specializing in Sichuan cuisine in Toronto.

We provide all kind of SiCHuan cuisine. The recommended appetizers are Assorted Beef with Special Chili Sauce,Spicy Chicken,Szechuan Style Beef Jerk and Pork Stomach with Chili Sauce. The recommended seafood are Special Sichuan Fried Lobster,Spciy Crab,Deep Fried whole fish braised w/chilies, garlic and soy sauce,Poached Sliced Fish in Pungent Sauce,Fish Cooked with Hot Oil,Live fish with pickled soup. The recommended main course are Kong Bao Chicken with Peanuts,Fried Diced Chicken with Chili,Spicy Beef,Fried Lamb with Cumin,Slice Beef in Pungent Sauce. The recommended Griddle Cooked cuisine are Sichuan Beer Duck,Sichuan Spicy Chicken.The recommended dessert are Special House Cake,Sweet rice wine Soup and Black Sesame Sticky Rice Ball in Soup.

We are located in China Town which is step to TTC. We will provide you not only delicious cuisine but also professional service. Welcome to SiChuan House Cuisine!