Located in the most exquisite culinary neighborhood of Toronto, Saigon Lotus Restaurant is proud to call Toronto Kensington market and west Chinatown Toronto its hometown.

Saigon Lotus is a Vietnamese vegan restaurant founded by Hieu Tran, who is a leading restaurant connoisseur when it comes to her 20-year experience of bringing the best of Vietnamese healthy food on the table. Owning the success of the Ginger Restaurant food chain, Saigon Sisters, and Hue Kitchen, she created Saigon Lotus with the passion of creating dishes with finesses of Vietnamese vegan cuisine that you can’t find anywhere else in Toronto.

From our unique vegan pan-fried pho noodles to customizable fresh spring rolls, and the most famous unique Vietnamese vegan food, Saigon Lotus Restaurant promises to deliver a new taste of Vietnamese vegetarian culinary in every dish.