Evolving from a dream to sell home made burgers to a lemonade stand, through both good and bad luck and many turbulent partnerships, at the right time the opportunity came together for El Arepazo to get a tentative start! As word of mouth began to spread about the delicious arepas coming out of a food stand Kensington Market, El Arepazo grew to become a destination for tourists and Torontonians alike.

After one explosive summer, we decided to spread our wings and open up an entire restaurant. Wanting to stay in our beloved Kensington Market, we found the perfect spot, a bright open-concept space at 181 Augusta avenue, across from Belleview Park. Little by little we made it our own, a place to express our particularly Venezuelan joy of getting together with good friends for a feast.

El Arepazo is constantly undergoing improvements to meet the needs and desires of Toronto’s health and quality conscious citizens, and offer an ever more welcoming and comfortable refuge in the heart of the city.