Bunner’s Bakeshop was started by Ashley Wittig and Kevin MacAllister – two entrepreneurs who saw the need in Toronto for a bakery that caters to those with food sensitivities and allergies AND tastes just like traditional baked goods. No compromises.

After a summer of testing Ash’s creations at a local farmer’s market and watching their fan base grow by the week, they started looking for a bricks and mortar location. With a shoe-string budget, some first class haggling over rent and equipment, and a whole lot of moxy and elbow grease they opened their first retail location on Dec. 11 2010.

Once it got out that you could buy piping hot GF & V bread, cinnamon buns and muffins baked fresh daily, customers took it upon themselves to spread the word and Bunner’s grew from a few friends to a big family.

Bunner’s currently has two retail locations, a cook book published by Harper Collins in Canada and the USA, and employs a staff of more then 20 of the most awesome bakers and customer service reps you’ll ever meet!