“Join the Band” is a song about the joys of tour, an anthemic guide to life on the road. The end of the night at rock shows is a lousy place to say good bye or so-long to dear friends. Meeting for breakfast the morning after is a sacred practice; a time for quiet (sometimes hung-over) reflection and tender conversation. In the spirit of the song we decided to debut “Join the Band” via the classic Canadian band breakfast stop Aunties, Uncles.

The house music is often Neil Young (they spin entire LPs) and the omelette of the day is always exactly what I need. I particularly enjoy going to Aunties & Uncles with Ian Kehoe (Marine Dreams) – he and I have shared some of the sunniest mornings there. I sat in on one of the first meetings between You’ve Changed Records and The Weather Station at Aunties & Uncles; everyone fell in love.