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  1. well i read an article about you getting ticketed so i came and checked it out. needless to say, it was even better than i expected!

    and if it makes you feel any better, an aquaintance of mine got hit by a car when he ran out in front of a city bus. then a cop came and gave him a ticket while he was still in the hospital.

  2. This video is great stuff. I really hope that guy wasn’t charged for hitting this punk. I think everyone should take out a skateboarder if they have the chance. Go faster though..it’ll do more damage:)

  3. Nondoctor you’re the only one on here that has any logic to their postings. It’s refreshing to see someone with the right mentality upstairs.
    I have one question for your uncle though. After he hit the skateboarder, why did he brake? He should have just drove right over him. Please don’t take offense to this suggestion, but perhaps your uncle needs more “liquid courage” when he’s out and about driving around.

  4. Okay why are people even defending that idiot skater? He’s pulling trick down the “middle” of the street. Last time I checked you’re not supposed to skate on the streets with cars. Even better, he’s going against the traffic. Brilliant. Go huff some more paint.
    I hope when anybody sees a skateboarder doing things like this, they stomp on the gas and go full boar into them. Actually, people should just drive around all day looking for skaters to mow down. Have a nice day.

  5. How about:
    1. Why was the loser skateboarder going down the middle of a street against the traffic pulling an ollie in front of a moving vehicle? You idiot.

  6. It makes my day watching this kid get smoked over and over again. Too bad he made it out alive.

  7. well i think the skater should have been more careful but i also think the car should have seen him for all you loser who say he should pay for the dent in the car, u can shutup

  8. first of all that guy is allowed to skate there i live by there and every day kids are bikin and skateboatdin there and the guy in the car was goin to fast

  9. the skateboarder was charged for skateboardin there wich is weird cuz i live near there and every day kids are playin on the street and the driver was’nt charged

  10. dont they say that you SHOULD bike or skate against traffic??

  11. this looks fake, after the guy gets hit a lady is “walking by” instead of running or standing there being shocked at what just happened.

  12. “The driver should have seen the guy.”

    I suppose, but you have to understand that my uncle was blind drunk and trying to fix his 8 track player at the time.

  13. My Uncle is taking me for lunch in Kensington today at Amadeus. He told me that he’s going to get totally loaded again and see if he can take out two skaters this week as he’s enjoying his new found fame on youtube.

    Last night he let it slip that the 2 policemen who showed up actually congratulated him.

  14. Don’t you just love these intelligent displays of razor-sharp Wildean wit?*

  15. “first of all that guy is allowed to skate there i live by there and every day kids are bikin and skateboatdin there and the guy in the car was goin to fast ”

    Learn to spell Fucko.

  16. It was my uncle driving that car too. Boy, he doesn’t like skaters. He’s always chanting “Mow them down, mow them down!” as he speeds up Augusta after drinking heavily with his Portugese buddies at Amadeus.

  17. He told me that he only missed Aiden as his red hair reminded him of me. He’s such a sweet man.

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